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Public Info -
Get district and campus real-time, daily, and longitudinal information for SAISD in the new District and Campus Dashboards. Maps and streets links are now located under this tab.

New Login -
You can now use your SAISD email account to login to iDataPortal. If you prefer, you can continue to use your existing iDataPortal username and password for the remainder of this school year.

Dynamic Menu-
The menu items at the top of each web page are now dynamic and will change based on your login status. You will see additional menu items if you are logged in.

Map & Streets -
The Campus Mileage web page has moved and is now located under the Tools tab, which will appear after you have successfully logged in,as well as under the Public Info tab. Address Lookup, Campus Attendance Zone, and Campus Maps are now located under the Public Info tab are available regardless of login status.

Recent News

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2023

The iDataPortal application will be discontinued near the end of the current school year.
Some reports and features are being transitioned to other areas or are currently available through other applications/sources.
Information on where to find these new reports will be made available in the list below.
If you need access please email, and if you are having technical issues please email us at

iDataPortal TabIDataPortal ReportWhere to FindHow to FindStatus
MembershipMAQ - Daily Analysis mySAISDDashboard Current Year Attendance > Inspect DataAvailable
MembershipMembership & Projections mySAISDDashboard Log in to mySAISD Dashboard > Inspect Data for Historical MembershipAvailable
MembershipTeacher Matrix Frontline Frontline >Report Profiles > Student >Scheduling >Teacher AvailabilityAvailable
DemographicsDemographics Snapshot mySAISDDashboard Log-in to the mySAISD Dashboard > Select "Demographic" tabAvailable
DemographicsStudent Locator mySAISDDashboard Log-in to the mySAISD Dashboard > Select "Change Dashboard/Student Search" drop down button > Click Student Locator buttonAvailable
PublicAddress Lookup SAISD Schools Search by Home AddressAvailable
PublicCampus Maps SAISD Schools Select school type (High, Middle, etc.) under SAISD Schools > click on school name > Google map with school location is displayed on the lower leftAvailable
PublicCampus Mileage TBD TBDInProgress

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