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Note: iDataPortal My Child is no longer available. Users are redirected to our new mySAISD website when they try to access iDataPortal MyChild. SAISD parents and students have access to mySAISD online and mobile app to stay up-to-date on grades, attendance, assessments and much more.

Welcome Parents and Students !

mySAISD is a mobile app for San Antonio I.S.D. parents and students to access grades, attendance, assessments, class schedules, school information, student photos, set up mySAISD Alerts and more.

Parents can now stay more up‐to‐date on their child’s school progress with access to more frequently updated grades and attendance and customizable alerts for class averages, assignment grades, attendance posting and STAAR assessment results. Students have access to most of the same information that parents do as well as a student dashboard with information on recent and last posted grades, attendance, state assessments, homework and messages. An email message feature is built into the app to easily and quickly send messages to teachers or campus administrators.

Parents will have more control of their mySAISD account with functionality to update their email address, phone number, password, security questions and add additional children to their account.

For parents, after the initial registration, your mySAISD account remains active as long as you have at least one student attending an SAISD school. The mySAISD registration form is built into the app for your convenience. The only requirement is that the parent retrieves their child's mySAISD key from anyone of their child's teachers or campus administrators.

For students, there is no registration. They automatically get access to mySAISD.

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