Welcome to mySAISD Dashboard

PLEASE NOTE: The mySAISD Dashboard has been updated to interact with the new Frontline Student Information System (SIS).

  • Teachers can log in and will have access to all students assigned to them.
  • Administrators can log in and will have access to overall data as well as all teachers at their campus(es)
  • Principals can request campus-based staff be given campus-wide access.

What’s New?

  • Student search is now available on the district-level dashboard using the Student Locator found under the Change Dashboard / Student Locator dropdown
  • Membership and Demographic tabsTwo new tabs, Membership, and Demographic, have been added to the district-level dashboard.  The Membership tab contains student historical membership and current year projected enrollment by campus and grade level. The Demographics tab has summary level counts on student demographics, programs, ADA weight, and home language by grade level.
Fun Facts
  • Student List includes Closing the Gap groups. Export to Excel for a helpful student list with all of the information you need.
  • Student Search - in the upper right corner of the dashboard - allows you to search by student name or id number to quickly locate any student.
  • You can print student profiles or college-ready benchmark data for one student or for multiple students by clicking on the student lists. All students included on the list will be included based on how you filtered (by period, by subject, etc.)
  • You can review a graphic comparison by goal areas for your students by clicking on the button labeled MAP INFORMATION.
  • On the TEKS item analysis page, there are quick links to the MAP Website and TEKS Resource Page.
Need Help?
  • If you receive a message that your password does not work, please log out and log back into your email account to update your password.  Once updated, the dashboard will automatically be updated as well.
  • If you have problems logging into the mySAISD Dashboard, please email
  • For questions on interpreting the data, contact ARET at 210-554-2460.
  • If pictures are missing from the profiles, please have your administration contact
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